About the Book

Welcome to the official website for my new book, I’m Getting Better: Reflections on a Broken Heart.

I’m Getting Better is a collection of essays I have written in the years since my bypass surgery in August 2003.  In that time, I have had to learn the hard way that there is more to a healthy heart than walking an hour every day and laying off the Cheez-Whiz. Diet and exercise are important, but so are faith, perspective, generosity, and contentment. Most of all, for all I have learned through history, popular culture, and my own experiences, I discover that I still have a lot to learn.

The book is available directly form me for $8 plus shipping and handling, which I’m told varies depending on the final destination.  So far, it’s averaged around $2.50.  E-mail me at [wiles dot blek at netzero dot com (no spaces and the dots are actual dots not the letters or the acronym for my Jeopardy message board handle)] for details.


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