Salt & Light

Some random thoughts on being the “salt of the earth” and the “light of the world:”

  1. Christians are truth-tellers.  We show the world what it really is.  Sometimes that reflects the glory if its Creator, sometimes that stands in judgment.  The whole purpose of dark is to allow evil a place to hide.
  2. Christians do not make bad things good.  We can make good things better (as salt does its flavor) and we can keep good things from becoming bad (as salt preserves).  But we cannot create good out of evil.  If something is bad, no amount of salt can make it good.  It doesn’t need seasoning, it needs transformation.
  3. Christians work best in small groups.  What salt overwhelms, it ruins.  What light overwhelms, it blinds.  Too much can be as dangerous — and as harmful — as too little.
  4. Christians’ work in the world does not draw attention to the worker.  Dispensed properly, salt does not replace the flavor of the food; it makes the food taste more like itself.  The person who lights a candle wants to see the room, not the flame.
  5. Christians are more noticeable in their absence than in their presence.

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