My Latest Project — Restoration Preaching in the Prophets

When we get back from vacation, I’ll be starting a series on Wednesday nights on the writing prophets.  We will be looking in particular at how the methods and the message of the prophets inform what we do as a Restoration Movement.  If there’s interest, I’ll put some of the material here.

I’ve been reading a lot by and about Brian McLaren and the Emergent Church movement lately.  It strikes me that they raise some sociologically valid points about the changing face of our world and how “modernity” has run its course.  To what extent that is true is a subject for some debate, I think, but the challenge facing churches is how to respond.  Arguments we thought were settled (Hobbes vs. Locke, for instance) are suddenly up for debate again.  The catch is this time the rules of the debate have changed.

Part of what we’re going to try to do in this study is see how men like Isaiah, Zepheniah, and Malachi made the Mosaic covenant relevent for people living centuries if not millenia after Mount Sinai.  Specifically, we’re going to examine what is was they were trying to restore in God’s covenant people with a goal on focusing our priorities in the right places.

Ultimately, this will be a study of how to make the case for bedrock faith in a world increasingly made of Jell-O.

We’ll see how it turns out.


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