I’m Getting Better

For several seconds on the morning of August 27, 2003, I was dead.

I got better.

This book tells how, but not in one of those insipid “if I can do it you can to” self-help manual type things. Quite frankly, my own recovery from bypass surgery has absolutely no correlation whatsoever with your own odds of success against whatever you’re facing.  In fact, aside from all the breathing I’ve done in the last 4 1/2 years, I’m not so sure I can claim to have been all that “successful” myself.

What I have had to learn, however, is that there is more to a healthy heart than walking an hour a day and laying off the Cheez-Whiz.  That’s what the book is about — not the triumphs, but the lessons. “Do what you do well, especially if nobody else can do it.”  “Stopping the bad things is as important as starting the good things.”  “Find your own path to success.”  Other people have learned, and shared, these lessons long before I came along.  All I have done is put a bunch of them in one place, retold them in my own words, and wrapped a cover around them.

If you’re looking for someone to inspire you to a better life, I’m not your guy. Talk to Normon Borlaug, or Tim Flannery, or Malkijah son of Recab.  They have helped me get through one of the darkest periods of my life.  Maybe they can help you, too.


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